Mission Statement:

Steven B. Cheung (SBC) Real Estate is committed to providing clients with exemplary service in selling, purchasing, and leasing Real Estate. SBC Real Estate understands the dynamic housing market and by listening to clients’ needs we are able to understand and protect their best interests.  


Steven B. Cheung Real Estate’s vision is to create a Real Estate One-Stop-Shop to ensure our clients get the best value for their home.  Whether you are selling or purchasing a home, we are there to hold your hand through the whole process and create a stress-free environment.  


Steven B. Cheung Real Estate’s commitment, whether selling, buying or leasing is to get the best value for your property.  We have a team of contractors and service partners at your disposal.  We are committed to managing every step of the buying or selling process to ensure a stress-free experience.  


In Real Estate, trust is one of the strong characters for our clients.  We will maintain our fiduciary duties to our client. Fiduciary responsibilities include Honesty, Undivided Loyalty, Accounting, Agency Disclosure, Material Fact Disclosure, Obedience, Confidentiality, Reasonable care and Due Diligence. 

Ultimate Service Guarantee

Together we’ll develop a customized service plan that reflects your particular needs. We promise to live up to our commitments, or you have the right to cancel your buyer’s or seller’s agreement.  

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